And how about this. A real Hubert school letter. I think I got that for working in the lunchroom or being a "Safety Boy" or something.
Must have been during my less rowdy days.
Here's an interesting collection of autographs from '59.
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Hubert Girls Reunion last July 2001 at Carole (Pearson) Edwards house on Whitmore Lake.
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Maybe this will jog some memories, but pardon me if I don't supply the names.
Spring Music Festival from '59
Big, names at the bottom
The Troop troops to Lansing, in '56.
This little item goes way back.
I think we all got one of these.
What color was yours?
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Mariner Girl Scouts?
Gad! I wonder who's driving??
Remember places like this?

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Michigan Drive-Ins
from 1951
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Here's all the girls at Mrs. Barber's summer camp. See anybody you know?
1957. Another troop troops to Lansing.
This time they were allowed inside!
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Here's a little clip from Ray.
It doesn't really apply to Hubert,
but I think we know who they're
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"Actually the picture is from my gasoline pumpers license. Believe it or not, at that time you had to have a license to work in a gas station. I worked at the Sunoco station that was across from the Redford Theater at Lasher and Redford Ave.. Yes I graduated from summer school that summer. 1946"
Richard Fryer
More Scouts.

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The Kids from
Dolphin street.

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