Ever wonder what happened to the house you grew up in?

Now's your chance to find out.

On July 24, 2003 I ventured into Brightmoor to take pictures of the houses some of us Hubert Kids grew up in. The neighborhood has changed since we lived there, but given time, everything changes. Some of the addresses are now vacant lots. Some of the addresses I just couldn't find. (Don't know why.)
However, I did see 4 houses in various stages of construction and several others in various stages of DEstruction.
I was stopped by a couple of guys asking me what I needed. I told them I had what I needed and went on my way. Around Bramell and Keeler a young lady in a very short skirt and halter top kept waving at me as I went by. I don't remember ever meeting her, but she wanted my attention for some reason.

Anyway, here are the house pictures requested.
Just click on the one you want to see for an enlargement.
22510 Lyndon
22478 S. Kane
22448 Wanamaker
22445 S. Kane
22421 Lyndon
15757 Virgil
15464 Rockdale
15350 Graydale
15350 Dacosta
15326 West Parkway
15323 Dolphin
15120 Graydale
14918 Beaverland
14917 Dacosta
14903 Dacosta
14897 Chatham
14895 Dacosta
14885 Dolphin
14858 Lamphere
14828 Beaverland
14828 Lamphere
14820 Lamphere
14810 Lamphere
11424 Outer Drive
14400 Dolphin