First of all I would like to thank all the people who contributed to making this reunion picnic a really good time. To those who supplied those little niceties that added a bit of class to our picnic, and to the hard workers that helped set up and tear down. The amount and the variety of food that was brought by the picnickers was just fantastic. If you didn't get enough to eat at this picnic, you only have yourself to blame.
I also want to thank our 2 gourmet chefs, Jim Gibson and John Del Busso for their expertise in preparing the hamburgers and hot dogs. They were delicious!
Good job guys!
The raffle was a success, in spite of using bits of paper and Lima beans for the drawing. Shirley (Rains) Loutzenhiser won the Grand Prize, a CD/cassette/AM/FM radio boom-box. Hopefully we didn't wear it out playing our Golden Oldies CDs on it during the picnic.
I guess I must have a bit of a liberal streak in me, because I was sorry that everybody didn't win something.
The dollar donation$ and the proceed$ from the raffle, more than covered the expense$ for the things that were purchased for the picnic. The extra money will be put toward the cost of the Hubert web site.
Hubert Reunion Picnic Pictures