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Pat (Spaw) & Bill Barton
Ted Martin & Sharlene (Banks) Maxwell
Karen (Cline) Gibson & Lynda (Currie) Del Busso
Leo Atkinson,  ? , John Thorpe,  ?
Linda & Glen Williams
Pat & John Thorpe
Donald & Gail (Loman/Schwan) Barthauer
Well Gang, just look at what a bunch of "Happy Campers" showed up at the picnic.
Even though there was a mix-up and we ended up in a different picnic shelter than the one originally reserved, we still had a great time.
As it turned out, the original shelter had more mosquitos, a few flies, and even some wasps.

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Jim & Karen (Cline) Gibson
Lynda (Currie) & John Del Busso
Al & Jo Ann (Kelly) Stambersky
Judy (Hautamaki), Mallory, & David Wolfe
Dianna (Seyuin) Kerr,  ? ,  ?
? ,  ? ,  Debra (Clark) Cresent
Sue & Serge Barna
Kay & Ray Winningham
Dianna (Seyuin) & Norman Kerr
Robert & Janet (Wolfe)  Drummond & ?
? & Coleen (Williams) Beahr
Kathy (Seyuin) Wolshon & Jim Seyuin
Mike & Connie Del Busso
Pat Thorpe
Dianna (Seyuin) Kerr,   Debra (Clark) Cresent, Kathy (Seyuin) Wolshon, David Stirsman, Karen (Cline) Gibson, Serge Barna, Ray Winningham,  Lynda (Currie) DelBusso
Jim Seyuin, Bob Schemanske, John Thorpe, Gloria Wolfe, John DelBusso
Sunny (Julien) Collard & Ted Williams
David & Blanche Thompson (Woodshop teacher)
Charlene (Piper) Bramble & Larry Pratt
Jean & Ted Williams
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Jerry & Gloria (Wolfe) Jackson
John Thorpe, Glen & David Williams
Roy Eckberg
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