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Ted Martin
WOW! What a turn out this year. Lots of long lost "Hubert Kids" showed up and joined in on the good eats, good talk, and good fun.
Along with our chefs, Jim Gibson and John DelBusso were the "Kids" that worked at setting up and keeping everything running smooth. John Thorpe, Karen (Cline) Gibson,
Linda (Currie) DelBusso,
Coleen (Williams) Baehr,
and Jean (McCann) Williams.
Thanks to Ted Martin for bringing his DVD player and TV to run some of his copies of the Doo-Wop and Rock 'n' Roll TV shows. Those were cool. Also for Ted's generousity for handing out DVD copies of the video he took of the Hubert Tour back in June.
And once again our "Barbeque Boy Wonders" did a marvelous job of cooking up all those burgers, brats, and dogs.
Now on to the pictures. And we got LOTS  of pictures!!
Click on each to enlarge.
Picture credits go to:

Gail (Loman/Schwan) Barthauer
Vern Brannon
Sharlene (Banks) Maxwell
Karen (Cline) Gibson
John McLeod
David Rennie
Kathy (Seyuin) Wolshon
Ted Williams
If you don't know who any of these people are, then join us for our next Hubert Reunion Picnic.
Who knows, somebody you see here might have lived next door to you back in your Hubert days.