Well, another fun picnic. It's good to see some new faces at this year's gathering, along with all the regular picnic attendees.
We were blessed once again with the mystical talents of our 2 barbeque chefs (John DelBusso and Jim Gibson) who worked their magic on our humble hamburgers, hot dogs, and bratwurst. Even though John had gone through bypass surgery just weeks earlier, he showed up and still did a great job. Many thanks to both John and Jim. Thanks too to Karen and Lynda for their efforts in making these picnics a success.
This year we did something different as for recording this event for historical purposes.   Thanks to the generosity of Jim Hopper, I set out 7 single-use cameras and let you Hubert Kids take all the pictures yourselves.
Okay, so we're not all professional photographers, but we still came up with some good shots of what this picnic is all about.
Just click on any picture for an enlargement.
Here's some pictures sent in by Kathy Wolshon.
Click each for big picture.
Now here's the big time Hubert Raffle winners
Buddy Macklem won
the last Hubert Open
House tote bag
Lynda DelBusso won
the Sony BoomBox
Sue Brannon won
the home digital
weather station
Bill and Pat Barton won
the dual cordless
phone set
Questions or comments??
Thanks to everybody who brought a dish to share and to the Kids that chipped in with some ca$h for all the other stuff.
Also, thanks again to Ted Martin for bringing his video set-up to play his collection of Doo-Wop and rock and roll videos.
We also had winners of some '50s rock and roll music CDs and some Doo-wop and rock and roll DVD videos donated by Ted Martin.