Once again the 'Dynamic Duo' of John DelBusso and Jim Gibson did all the cooking of our burgers, dogs, and bratwurst. And again their wives Lynda and Karen did most of the set up for our 2007 picnic. Thank you very much.
Only one little snag......  We all forgot to bring charcoal lighter fluid! At least a couple of us remembered to bring a lighter.
So with torn up pop cartons and bits of wood and sticks from around the picnic area, we slowly got our fires blazing. The smoke cleared the area of mosquitoes.
Thanks again this year to Ted Martin for bringing back lots of musical memories with his video set up and all those '50s rock and roll and do-wop videos.
Ted also donated some of those videos for our raffle.
Thanks too to Mr. Thompson for sharing all the hilarious stories and experiences from his days at Hubert, back in the '50s.
So much drama and intrique going on right under our little noses, and we never knew. Thanks Mr. T for letting the cat out of the bag.
Lloyd (Buddy) Macklem and his companion Dee (hubba, hubba) cleaned up with the raffle and won the major prizes and a couple of the CDs and videos.
Click on each picture for an enlargement.             But you knew that already, huh.
Picture credits go to Bill Duvall, Jim & Karen Gibson, and Ted.
The 2008 picnic will be on Sunday August 10.
I got the nice picnic area 'P' down by the lake again for this year.
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