Even though the weather got really rough, just about everybody that showed up, stuck it out.
Questions or comments??
We also had winners of other donated items and some '50s rock and roll music CDs and some Doo-wop and rock and roll DVD videos donated by Ted Martin.
As you may already know, Sunday August 10th, was the coldest day of the whole summer.
The wind kicked up to 25 or 30 miles per hour and blew through that picnic shelter like a wind tunnel.
But I'll tell you what.......us Hubert kids are a pretty tough bunch......we had fun anyway !!!!!
Here's a hardy few that came out from under their covers long enough to have their picture taken.
Praise be to our lone chef this year. Who single handed did a fantastic job of serving up them wonderful burgers, hot dogs, and bratwurst.
Thanks Jim.
Although he did have some help from Pat Mackiewicz
Just click on any picture for an enlargement.
And we got lots of pictures to prove it!!
Videos too.
Get your popcorn kids.      It's time for the
Hubert School Reunion Picnic videos.....
Janet (Wolfe) Drummond held the lucky ticket to win the "Door Prize".
and Bill Barton bought the lucky ticket to win the "Grand Prize"
from the big raffle.
Pictures by Jim Hopper and Gail Barthauer. Videos from Ted.
The "Door Prize" and the BBQ Chef aprons made possible by the generousity of Jim Hopper.
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