Back in March or April, when the announcement was made that the Hubert Elementary School would be permanently closed, I received several inquiries as to whether it would be possible to have a tour of the school before it was locked up. Sharlene (Banks) Maxwell, Sandy (Byrnes) Preblich, Gail (Loman/Schwan) Barthauer, and others I don’t remember (sorry), were insistent that we get some kind of a final look at the place that has a special spot in our hearts. The suggestion was also made that after the tour we have lunch at Scotty Simpson’s Fish & Chips.
It took a few phone calls, a couple of miscommunications, some pretty flowers sent by Gary Banks, a phone call from Elaine Ayers from Chicago, and lots of reassurances that we would be good and behave ourselves.     And finally.......
Mrs. Leslie Holland agreed to act as our guide for a final walkthrough of the Hubert School.
Mrs. Holland was a delightful hostess and will go down in the history books as the last Hubert School principal and a real "Good Sport".

What follows is just a bunch of pictures.
Some may have a special meaning to someone and some not.
Click the pix for enlargements.
Contributors so far are Ted Martin, Don Green, Gail (Loman/Schwan) Barthauer, and myself.
If you have some pix that could be used here, please let me know. >>>>
....and then we went to Scotty's.