Here's a picture of me and "Maw" (my wife Jean) just after sloppin' the hogs for the evening. Boy, them hogs keep me busy. Although, it's a lot easier now, since I been using my computer to keep track of them. One of the real handy gizmos I use a lot is my scanner. Some hog herders use tattoos or tags on the hog's ear, or brands to identify each hog.
I use my scanner to take a snout print. I just press the hog's snout on the scanner and run it. It's as good as fingerprints 'cause each hog snout is different. If you happen to see some smears or smudges on some of the pictures on the Hubert web page, it's just 'cause I forgot to clean off the scanner glass after taking snout prints.
Here's a picture of the farm taken 3 or 4 years ago. We had to rebuild the farmhouse 'cause of Arnold. Arnold was a dirty faced little pig Maw kept around the house as a pet. Arnold was too smart for his own good and always gettin' into mischief. One day he got to tinkerin' with the control on the hot water heater. He did something wrong and the water heater exploded and blew the whole backside out of the house. The resulting fire burned the rest of the house to the ground.

Unfortunately Arnold parished in the explosion. Fortunately Maw always fed him pretty good and he made for a few tasty meals.
We just finished all the trim and painting on the new house, and it's bigger and better than the old one that Arnold blew up.
We ain't keepin' no smart ass pigs in this one!