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If you have any pictures, or other Hubert memorabilia like graduation programs, etc. that you can scan and send to me, it would help us build a really great web site. Any up to date information about Hubert kids, would also be useful.
These are the people who have contributed to help make this a great web site.
Thanks Gang!
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Gary Banks
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Joe Scafero
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Coleen (Williams) Piascik
Gary Banks
Neil and Joyce (Androff) McNeil
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John DelBusso
Sue (Cartwright) Coleman

Pat (Mathewson) Crimaldi
Sally (Klinkman) Newlin
Ralph Puglise
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Jim Swan
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Chuck Tober
Carol (Boike) Cornillie
If you sent me pictures or something to add to the Hubert web site and I didn't get you put up here on the credits page, let me know.
After all, I'm old and I forget stuff.