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John Del Busso
BBQ tools
Once again the team of John Del Busso and Jim Gibson put their touch of style and culinary magic to our humble hamburgers and hot dogs.
Another job well done!  (medium and medium rare, too)
Thanks guys!
Jim Gibson
Karen (Cline) Gibson and Linda (Currie) Del Busso
Also, a huge thank you to Karen (Cline) Gibson and Lynda (Currie) Del Busso for all their work getting everything set up.
Thank goodness somebody is organized!!
They even brought their own tools.
Hey! These guys are good!
Ted Martin
And thanks to Ted Martin for bringing his great sound system and keeping our toes tapping to all those "Golden Oldies".
Much appreciation goes to all the Hubert Kids who brought a dish to share at our table and to those who made financial contributions to help cover expenses.
04 picnic group
Mrs. Thompson was chosen to be the official ticket picker. Mrs. T drew the first ticket, and I announced it to be for the “Boom Box’. The holder of that first ticket was Dianna (Seyuin) Kerr. Suddenly, it was brought to my attention by several people that normally the “Grand Prize” is given away last. OK.
Understandably, Dianna was kinda upset about not getting the “Grand Prize”, but settled for the pack of funny pencils Mr. Thompson had donated. The drawings continued until all the CDs were gone and only the “Boom Box” remained. (Drum roll........................) And the last ticket number is................................. Well, the ticket belonged to................
Dianna (Seyuin) Kerr ! ! !
I guess it was just meant to be.
(Don't ya love it when things turn out like this.)

Dianna (Seyuin) Kerr
The Mystery of the Boom-Box Raffle
To add a little nostalgic atmosphere during the picnic, I bought a Boom-Box CD player/5” TV combination to play a collection of Golden Oldies. I don’t have any use for a “Boom Box” any other time, so raffling it off gets me my money back and gives one of the Hubert Kids a chance to win a neat little prize. A few Golden Oldies CDs were also up for prizes.
David and Blanche Thompson
Burnt burger
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